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This list of deer parks are ones that have no other entry – others are part of present day parks.

HCC Site ID. Site Name Parish Some information
1790 East Meon East Meon Deer Park 1279 for the Bishop of Winchester
1791 East Worldham Worldham Deer Park 1372 for John de Burghersh; increased from 10 to 40 acres in 1374; complete park boundary survivied in 1983
1788 Farringdon Farringdon Deer Park 1232 for the Bishop of Exeter
1794 Goose Green Binstead License for deer park unknown, evidence found in Parliamentary Survey 1651.
1789 Kingsley Kingsley The Crown owned a deer park at Kingsley “from very early times”, date unknown; Lode Farm is situated in the locality of the park.
1955 Linchborough Park Bramshott & Liphook Deer Park and Lodge shown on historic maps
1881 Newton Valence Newton Valence Deer Park 1251 for William de Valence
1796 Old Close Park Binstead Deer Park first noted in Parliamentary Survey 1651
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