Bramshott Place Retirement Village (Bramshott Manor, Bramshott Grange)

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HCC Site ID: 1316 Parish: Bramshott & Liphook
Designations: Gatehouse tower LB II Area:
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Site developed for housing

Location and Site

Bramshott Place lies to the south of the A3 and Bramshott village, north of Liphook and north-west of the River Wey.

Historic development

An estate owned by Edward of Salisbury in the days of the Domesday Book  Bramshott Manor passed to the Mervyn family in the 15th century (A Hampshire Parish  Bramshott and Liphook 1976) and was then purchased by John Hooke in late 16th early 17th century (VCH & Pevsner, Liphook Calendar & Hampshire Treasures).  John Hooke was a wealthy cloth merchant from Godalming and the builder of the Tudor house. It is believed Old Place next to the church was the original manor house. (W.W. Cape’s Rural Life in Hampshire 1901)   John Hooke died about 1640 and was succeeded by his son Henry. The 1665 hearth tax lists Bramshott Place with 15 hearths and a Mistress Margaret Hooke has 7 hearths, indicating substantial buildings. In 1685 the house was sold and the manor passed to John Whitehead and then his daughter Sarah who married Rector Jonathan Dennis.  The couple moved to Glebe House and Bramshott Place became a farm. (A Hampshire Parish).  In 1759 (Taylors Map) there is an unnamed house shown with a drive from the north road many trees and the River Wey to the south and west. In 1776 and again in 1781 (Liphook and Bramshott calendar) Gilbert White visited and wrote of the vines and fruit crops growing on the estate. In 1791 (Milne map) the estate was the home of Richardson Esq., probably a tenant as the Dennis family still owned the property. Mr. Kent purchased the estate from the Dennis family in 1814 (A Hampshire Parish).  In 1826 (Greenwood map) the estate park had two accesses from the north road; one of these appears to have had a large glass house beside the Lodge.  This map also shows the main house and three other large buildings possibly farm buildings. By 1850 the Erle family were the owners of the estate; they demolished much of the Tudor buildings, apart from the old gate house tower and built a new house known as Bramshott Grange (VCH, Liphook Remembered and A Rural Life in Hampshire). The new owners also built model cottages on the Haslemere Road, numbers 12-16, for his employees “who do not live in”. (Bramshott and Liphook Calendar)  At this time the estate comprises 30 acres (12.1hectares) (Kelly’s 1859 directory) By 1869 (O.S 1st ed.) the main drive from north is tree lined and opens into park land then winds up to the front of house with a side road turning south east towards the walled gardens.  The house stands within a park with a fountain and paths leading towards the kitchen gardens due south.  The kitchen gardens and glass houses were extensive. A well wooded area to the west of the park had an ice house and several paths or bridle ways. There was also another access from the main road.  1874 (O.S. 1st ed.) two lodge houses had been built at each of the two northern entrances.  One lodge known as Grange Lodge had a well. On this map is also the first mention of Radford Bridge over the river Wey north of the estate – the area is today known as Bramshott Place/Grange, Radford Park. The estate was otherwise little changed, and again by 1910 (O.S 3rd ed.) little had changed apart from perhaps fewer trees within the woods to west and a stone is marked to north of house. In 1917 (Times obit) Capt. C. Erle died and the estate is for sale.  Called Bramshott Place it comprised 200acres (81 hectares) with 17 bedroom described as a stone built house with stabling for eight horses and 6 acres (2.4 hectares) of pleasure grounds. The estate included two lodges, four cottages the Malt House farm, an old farm house and other building. The area is said to be well timbered and includes water meadows, rich pasture and arable land. (HRO Sales Cat.)
Between 1921 and1982 the house became the King George Hospital. A map dated 1937 (O.S. 4th ed.) shows the house with a large new wing to the north and a chapel built to the east of original house.  The drive and park lands little changed whilst the kitchen gardens are smaller with fewer glass houses and still several outbuildings. The house was demolished about 1982.

Current description

All that remains is the restpred Tudor Gate house within the site of the park and the outline of the old walled garden.  The estate has been developed with cottages and apartments within communal gardens, meadows and woodland. Nothing remains of the house. Parkland trees remain.


Once a Tudor House with a gate house,later a farmhouse which was demolished in the 1850’s by the then owner Mr. Erle, who built a fine country house within park land; also  very extensive kitchen gardens.    House, with new extensions, became a Hospital early 20th C; later demolished and site now redeveloped; the Tudor gate house was restored.
HGT Research:  March 2009


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