Boldre Hill

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HCC Site ID: 1115 Parish: Boldre
Designations: NFNP Area: 21.6 ha (54 acres)
Access: No Public Access Ownership: Multiple residences

Location and site

The Property is situated on a site between the ‘Y’ road junction of the road leading to Batramsley Cross to the west, Boldre and Boldre Lane to the east, with Boldre Grange, a larger property to the north.

Boldre Hill was built by Admiral Brine in 1833 from Naval prize money on the site of an old cottage. Part of the estate included Buckland Rings, the site of a Roman camp and earlier earthworks. Early this century the owner was Mr Meischke-Smith, who travelled extensively in China and Tibet, and probably brought back plants for the garden. His wife was a keen gardener and it was noted that as well as many choice and rare plants being grown, including a sequoia and an evergreen oak, there was a lake and sunken garden.


The property reflects a time of affluence in the mid 19th century with designed grounds, plants being brought in from other countries, and a tightly knit community of travellers and military men. It is worth considering for inclusion in the Local Register because of the group value with other site in the area to the local landscape.

Information: 2000

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