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HCC Site ID: 1989 Parish: Titchfield
Designations: None Area: 1.36 ha
Access: Public Access Ownership: Fareham Borough Council

Location and Site

The site is to the east of Fareham in the village of Titchfield and adjacent to the village centre. The meadow is surrounded by housing which varies from pre-Georgian to the very recent development. There is a small stream running through the area and land rises fairly steeply after you enter the park.

Historic Development

Fareham Borough Council is the Trustee of the area with a 99 yearlease, dating from 1969. The park developed from an old village common and congregation area. The Urban Parks Study, 1995, states that on the eastern boundary there is a single avenue of hornbeam (40 years old) and a group of limes (approx 25 years old). The park is further described as being ‘…a delightful secluded open space and meadow with a children’s playground used for general recreation and local events. The area is partly short grass and partly rough grass meadow with willow and alder trees and old oak along the stream’. Herbaceous and bedding planting are also referred to.

Current Description

Entering from the car park on the eastern side, a fenced-off children’s play area lies ahead. The land rises fairly steeply through unmown ‘meadow’ grass to an unmaintained hedge. The 1995 Report refers to long views from the top of the common/park but no view was discernible in 2016 and a photograph taken from the top end of the park (which was impenetrable in 2016) shows that the grass was mown right down to the children’s play area and entrance. A rusting goalpost lies in the meadow, looking unused. There is a small metal, roofed building resembling a small bandstand where a small group could gather, with hardstanding underneath but it is unclear what this is for. To the south (the right-hand side of the entrance) there is a very overgrown stream particularly covered by brambles, and while at one time this might have been a haven for wild life, it would seem very unlikely in 2016. A dog fouling bin and a sign shows what you can and cannot do by the fenced off children’s play area.The 1995 report refers to character being given by the gentle slope but in 2016 the state of the park detracts from this as the grass is too long and not well maintained. There was no sign that people had been walking through the long grass. The stream could be an attractive asset but it is too neglected. There is no longer any herbaceous planting or bedding.

Summary and Significance

Barry’s Meadow was once part of an old common and congregation area, it is still a valuable open space in the middle of the village.

HGT Urban Park Survey 2016 – click here for a link to the whole survey.

Children’s playground looking east towards the car park

Line of trees by the car park and a covered seat

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