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HCC Site ID: 1000 Parish: Lyndhurst
Designations: CA, NFNP Area: 2 ha
Access: Access to Council Offices Ownership: New Forest District Council

Image: 4/1/2015

Appletree Court is a small park to the east of Lyndhurst of about 2ha, first converted from ‘wasten’ of the New Forest. The house was built for Edward Penton in 1919 in the north east corner of the site, with the grounds sloping to the south west (Jackman 1994). A small area of designed garden included a slightly sunken bowling green surrounded by paths and herbaceous borders. To the south and west was a pond and woodland; specimen trees planted in grass to the west of the bowling green have now matured (HRO 159M88/30). Mr. Penton sold the property in 1922 and over the next twenty years there were various owners, in 1935 it was unoccupied (Kelly’s Directory 1935). 1941 it was sold to a petroleum company, which was taken over by Esso. Then in 1953 Appletree Court was sold to the New Forest District Council to bring all their offices under one roof, and has remained so to date. A Council Chamber was built onto the west side of the house and wings on the east and south were added in 1967 and 1986 to provide more office accommodation; these wings close in the bowling green. In 1998, the researcher Jeremy Greenwood, remarked that the grounds are remarkably little changed, other than that the trees have matured.


An Edwardian house on the edge of the forest, designed for weekend entertainment of Londoners. It originally had pleasure grounds of 10 ha., now reduced to approximately 2 ha. Since 1953 it has been the offices of the New Forest District Council.

HGT Research: February 2008

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