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HCC Site ID. 1828 Parish:
Designations: Chapel-local listing Area: n/k
Access: Public Access Ownership: Gosport Borough Council

Location and Site

Ann’s Hill Cemetery is located between the two artery roads, Forton and Foster that lead to the main Gosport town centre which are linked by St Ann’s Hill Road. This road bisects the old east cemetery from the more recent western one. On the west side, immediately to the north is a path beyond which are the back gardens of Southcroft Road with Wilmott Lane to the south. This cemetery extends westwards to a sports ground and Military Road. Both cemeteries are fairly flat although the west one has a slight gradient that dips from east to west.

Historic description

In 1854, Thomas Ellis Owen was commissioned to design a new cemetery for the Alverstoke Burial Board, who supervised the design and layout. The cemetery was laid out on the east side of Ann’s Hill Road, that included 2 chapels and a sextant’s lodge. It was extended in 1887. In 1899, a further extension of 4.9 ha was made on the west side of the road, and another in 1920.

Current description

At the entrance to the west side there is a war memorial cross. The War Graves of British and Germans are situated around the centre of the west side area and are maintained by the War Graves Commission. There are many monuments, mature trees, railings, gates and seat, and a long avenue of Yew trees on west side. The east side of the cemetery is no longer in use for burials.

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Summary and significance

A mid-19th century cemetery, chapels and a lodge designed by Thomas Ellis Owen that was extended in 1887 with a further extension at the end of the century to the west side of St Ann’s Hill Road where a war memorial cross was erected after the 1st world war. The war graves are managed by the War Graves Commission.

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Information: March 2020

The old Chapel

Ann’s Hill Cemetery Old Chapel; Photos: May 2015

The War Memorial Cross

The War Memorial Cross

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