Redan Hill Fortifications (Aldershot High Street Recreation Ground)

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HCC Site ID. 1285 Parish:
Designations: Area: 3.0 ha
Access: Public Access Ownership: Rushmoor Borough Council

Location and Site

Situated on the north side of Aldershot town centre and now known as Redan Hill Fortifications. Aldershot Football Club no longer forms part of the park and is leased from Rushmoor Borough Council.

Historic Development

Redan Hill was used as a military practice ground following the Crimean War as the army had been impressed by the Russian field fortifications and started to build field forts along the same lines. Redan Hill was one of the first to be built and used for training until the 1860’s when the railway cut through part of it.
The football ground was built in the 1920’s. Aldershot Football Club was formed in 1926. Prior to it being a football ground, the site formed Aldershot’s first recreation area open to the public, pre-dating Manor Park and Municipal Gardens. The football ground is now enclosed by a fence and the footpath from the High Street to the redan (an arrow-shaped embankment forming part of a fortification) is no longer accessible.

Current Description

Entrance to Fortifications

The main entrance is from Redan Road. To the left of the entrance the land descends steeply to some disused tennis courts, woodland and scrub. To the right footpaths lead up through trees to the top of Redan Hill. Distant views from the wood fortifications are now obscured by mature trees. This area features an exact replica of a 32-pounder cannon and gun carriage from 1848. There are benches, multi-use litter bins, and information boards explaining how a redan was constructed and used.


NE section with military fortifications

Summary & Significance

It is an area of military historical importance with recently reinstated historical features.

Hampshire Gardens Trust, Aldershot Recreation Ground.
Andy Ford, Rushmoor Borough Council, Parks Development Officer.

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